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The Real Cost of Freedom
There is a common misconception that making “$1,000,000” a year is the answer to all of one’s problems… the cost
Beliefs are not facts.
Why don’t more people pursue their dreams? One word: beliefs. As human beings, who we are and what we believe
Progress Not Perfection Thumbnail
You may have heard it before: "Progress, not perfection." But what does it mean? There’s a famous saying that goes:
Focus is Feeling to Change Your Reality
Is it possible to change your reality? What is reality, anyway? Have you ever noticed that when you're in a
Time-blocking is the habit you didn't know you needed
Time-blocking could be your new best friend, and the first step to your ultimate dream life. I’ve said it once,
Passion is your salvation to escape the matrix
The Matrix isn't what you think, but it exists nonetheless. And if you want to escape the matrix, you first
You can't improve what you can't see.
You can't improve what you can't see. What does that mean? Imagine going to the gym and working out with
The Millionaire Method to Financial Freedom
What is "financial freedom?" In my not so humble opinion, financial freedom means freedom of time. You're able to do
The Fastest Way to Improve Your Life Food for Thought
If you want to improve your life, it starts with realizing this: You are what you eat. But not just
Change is Inevitable, Which Sacrifice is a Choice
Change is inevitable. Getting left behind is a choice. I wrote an article not too long ago about a new
The Endless Positivity Cycle
Everyone has the potential to create a life that they truly love if they simply decide to turn that life
Increase Happiness and Quality of Life with Digital Skills
By combining your hobbies and passions with digital skills, you can create a business that is not only profitable but
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