Change is Inevitable, Getting Left Behind is a Choice

Change is Inevitable, Which Sacrifice is a Choice

Change is inevitable.

Getting left behind is a choice.

I wrote an article not too long ago about a new AI technology you’ve probably heard of by now called ChatGPT (you can read the article here).

If you’re unfamiliar with ChatGPT, it’s an incredibly powerful artificial intelligence chat bot, released by a company called OpenAI, that can give you any information or write just about anything for you in a matter of seconds.

The quality of the output it produces is directly proportional to the quality of input it receives from the user.

The better, more specific instructions and information you give it, the better and more specific its response will be.

Newton's Cradle Representing Newton's Third Law

Newton’s 3rd Law: 

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

A.K.A.: Output = Input

But ChatGPT isn’t the focus of this article.

Our lives are a direct reflection of the daily actions we take.

Where you are right now, in this moment of time, in every aspect of your life, is 100% the result of everything you have done and experienced up until this point.

From every major life-altering decision such as whether or not to go to college, or taking this job instead of that job…

To the nuanced micro-actions like eating those 2 Oreo cookies last Thursday night.

Everything adds up.

And the sum of the equation of everything up to this point equals where you are in this current moment.

Do you realize how incredibly powerful that piece of knowledge can be?

It quite literally breaks down into the simplest of concepts:

If you want your current life situation to change (the output)…

Change what you’re doing on a daily basis (the input).

Newton’s 3rd Law.

In the article I wrote about ChatGPT, I talk about some of the complaints and issues people have brought up in reference to the technology:

“Students will be able to cheat…”

“It’s going to take away jobs…”

The usual arguments and complaints we hear about anything that causes a disruption to the status quo.

But the fact of the matter is, the same complaints were made about the assembly line… and the television… and the radio… and the internet… and Google…

Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable.

Getting left behind is a choice.

We can either fight change and lose,

Or we can embrace it and thrive.

I used to hate writing. 

So much so in fact, it almost prevented me from graduating high school early.

(That’s a different story for another day.)

Today however, writing is the complete and total foundation of my entire life.

And I absolutely love it!

Everything I do as it pertains to my online business, in any creative capacity, starts with writing.

Emails, newsletters, blog posts like this, YouTube video scripts, short form video ideas, sales pages, landing pages, web design copy…

It all starts as a written word.

I chose to embrace change and use it to thrive, instead of trying to fight it.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Everything in life comes down to two simple choices:

Take action, or don’t take action.

That’s it.

You can either sacrifice for what you want,

Or what you want becomes the sacrifice.

But regardless of which option you choose, the output will be a direct reflection of the input.

Empower Yourself.

Warm Regards,

– Zyler Kade
Apex Haus


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