Online Business Tools

The Solopreneur's Toolbox

These powerful online business tools can help you get organized, improve productivity, save time, and make money faster by automating the content ideation, generation, creation and distribution processes.

Organization & Productivity

Notion (Free)

I used to keep different spreadsheets and Google Docs for all of my business notes, to-do lists, checklists, etc., and not only would it leave me feeling overwhelmed, but lost not knowing what was where. Notion has become my new best friend when it comes to getting my never-ending thoughts and ideas out of my head and into an organized library. 

Motion (Paid)

This incredible calendar and planner app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to consistently organize and re-organize your day-to-day schedule based on task levels of importance and/or deadlines, so you’re always focusing on the most important thing you need to get done without having to think about it. It takes the time and guess work out of having to plan your day!

Content Creation & Outsourcing

(Paid - 7 Day Free Trial Below)

My pride and joy, all-time favorite idea generation and content creation tool. This is where most of my content campaigns start. This incredible AI-powered content generator allows you to create copy writing in seconds by just plugging in a few keywords, which can then be turned into countless additional content types. Never deal with creators or writers block again!
(If you purchase the annual plan within 4 days of using my link, it will give you 40% off!)

Pinterest (Free)

One of my favorite places to get content and design ideas, Pinterest is an incredible free resource for pretty much any niche inspiration you could possibly desire. Sign up, adding your interests to your profile, and watch your “Board” fill up with never-ending content ideas from across the web.

Fiverr (Paid)

Fiverr is a great and relatively inexpensive place to outsource pretty much any type of digital content you could ever possibly need. When you have the money, but not the time, considering sharing the load with other online creators.

Canva (Free & Paid)

Canva is a great resource for both getting content ideas, as well as creating content in various forms for all of the different social media platforms. Filled with pre-made templates for every type of media, you can easily start with their ideas then make them your own by replacing images, adding/removing graphics, or changing colors using their easy drag-and-drop builder. They offer both free and paid tiers, with the paid tier giving access to an expanded library of features and templates.

Time Management & Automation

TweetHunter (Paid)

One of my favorites! This powerful and incredibly useful tool is amazing for building and monetizing Twitter accounts in lightning speed! Not only can you search for successful content based on people, posts, or keywords, but you can also pre-schedule and automate your entire account posting and interaction. Very useful for turning likes, comments, and follows into leads and sales.

Kartra (Paid)

The greatest, all-in-one business sales platform ever. Build email forms, landing/sales pages, email lists, products, membership sites, funnels, email campaigns, and pretty much anything else you could ever possibly need to do as an online business. All from one convenient dashboard.

Later (Free & Paid)

This amazing tool lets you pre-schedule & auto-post content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn! So instead of having to manually post every day, you can spend a few hours one Saturday afternoon scheduling out all your posts for the entire month, and then forget about it! We call this “Batch Posting” and it works like a charm.

TubeBuddy (Free & Paid)

If you’re going to be creating any content for YouTube, then you want TubeBuddy on your side! It makes coming up with the right keywords, thumbnails, tags, and titles 10x easier and quicker. Scan YouTube to find trends, see what designs are working, and get your channel seen.

Copyright-Free Media Sources

Pixabay (Free)

A great resource to download copyright-free images for free.

Pexels (Free)

A great resource to download copyright-free images for free.

Storyblocks (Paid)

A great source to get professional HD and 4K copyright-free stock video footage. With tiered plans, they have options for every level of video creator.

Artlist (Paid)

A great source to get professional copyright-free music and sound effects.

Web Design & Management

SiteGround (Paid)

The best bang for your buck when it comes to hosting multiple websites on a single server. 

Google Domains (Paid)

The best place to get your domain names because Privacy Protection is built in to the already low, flat-rate price.

FileZilla (Free)

A free FTP program to upload and download website files quickly and easily to your hosting service (such as GoDaddy).

WordPress (Free)

Download the latest raw WordPress files to upload to your website hosting server.



With fractional shares, you can invest what you can afford, starting with as little as $5 — and you can automate your investments to run on a schedule! Plus, they offer very useful free investing education tools.
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Cryptocurrency is the future. The best and easiest place to start learning about and investing in crypto is Coinbase. With free education tools, ways to earn free crypto, and an easy to use interface, Coinbase makes crypto stupid simple. They also offer great (3%, 4%, 5%+) APYs on several of their currencies, which you earn for just holding them in your account (compare that to the 0.5% your bank is giving you…).
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