The Millionaire Method to Financial Freedom: Take Back Your Time

The Millionaire Method to Financial Freedom

What is “financial freedom?”

In my not so humble opinion, financial freedom means freedom of time.

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You’re able to do what you want, when you want, on your own schedule.

The unfortunate way most people make their money is by trading it for their time.

Perhaps you’re one of them.

You go to work for a certain number of days during the week, work a certain number of hours each day.

And based on the number of hours you work determines the amount of money you get paid.

This is called the time for money exchange.

The issue with this method of making money is that no matter how hard you work…

There are only 24 hours in a day

So, by definition, if your income is tied to the number of hours you can work on any given day…

Even if you could work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…

Your income would still always be limited by your time.

Don't be limited by your time.

And let’s be honest…

No one wants to work 40 hours a week as it is now…

Can you imagine working 24/7/365?!

No thanks!

So, how do you solve this problem?

The answer is simple:

By putting your time and money into things that can make you more money without having to trade your time…

Also known as passive income.

But what is passive income?

It’s quite literally exactly what it sounds like:

Income you make passively, meaning you don’t have to be actively doing something to earn it.

A few basic (old school) examples include:

1) Rental Property Income

If you own property and can rent it out to either full-time renters, or even on services like Airbnb, this can be considered passive income.

You already own the property, so as long as you have people actively paying you for usage of the space, you aren’t having to do any additional work to earn that income.

2) Stocks That Pay Dividends

Invest in Dividends to Pursue Financial Freedom

You may be familiar with the ability to buy stocks of a company through websites and apps like Stash.

But did you know there are many companies that will pay you for owning their stock?

These are called dividends, which is when the company pays a portion of their earnings to shareholders just for being a shareholder. 

Learn more about dividends here.

Once again, this is passive income because there is no additional work that needs to be done once the initial investment is made. The earnings are not attached to your time.

All you have to do is buy the stock and hold it.

As long as you do, you will continue to receive quarterly payouts from the company based on the number of shares you own.

These are just 2 quick examples of passive income, but there are hundreds (if not thousands) of additional methods.

This is the (not so hidden) secret of the financially free:

Put your time and money into things that can earn you more time and more money.

Easier said than done though, right?

A decade ago, the answer was without a doubt, “Yes.

But things are vastly different today than they were 10+ years ago.

Some things still remain true, such as:

  1. You have to have a lot of start-up capital in order to invest in real estate.


  1. It takes owning a large sum of dividend-paying stocks for the residual passive income to be enough that you can actually live off it.


While passive income 10+ years ago was:

  1. Limited in its options, and…
  2. Mostly only available to those who already had significant wealth to use as investment capital.

With the exponential increase of access to technology and the internet,

Combined with the dawn of social media…

The fact is… neither of those are true anymore.

Financial freedom gives you the time to work from anywhere, whenever you want.

Today, in order to make passive income, all you need is:

  1. A computer or laptop with an internet connection
  2. A little bit of skill and knowledge
  3. The desire to make it happen

See, the challenge used to be overcoming the 3 major obstacles of business:

  1. Availability
  2. Scalability
  3. Autonomy

All of which used to cost lots of money.

But with the incredibly powerful and inexpensive tools now available in the palms of our hands,

Those obstacles no longer exist.

Both availability and scalability challenges have been solved by social media.

We can now create content and launch products that are available for consumption 24/7/365.

We can now reach 100’s of millions of people in the blink of an eye…for free!

Automating the entire process has never been easier or more accessible.

And when it comes to passive income…

Automation is the name of the game.

The more you can automate, the more you increase your efficiency and productivity while simultaneously reducing the amount of time and work you need to do on a regular basis,

Thus making income on “autopilot.”

That’s the true secret to ultimate freedom:

Automate everything! 

Take this article you’re reading right now for example.

While you’re reading this, chances are I’m not actually currently sitting at my computer.

Yes, I wrote this article.

But I wrote it days, weeks, or maybe even months ago from your current moment in time.

I then posted it here, where it’s available to anyone, anywhere, in perpetuity.

Guess what else I did?

I put it into my automailer software and designed what’s called a “funnel sequence” so that it also gets sent to certain people on my email list that have met certain requirements.

I’ve also used it as the basis for several short-form TikTok and Instagram Reels videos, as well as a long-form YouTube video script.

All of which are single pieces of work that will run for me 24/7/365.

Automation saves you time, increases your efficiency, and reduces the amount of manual work required to maintain your business.

And, when done correctly…

Can earn you passive income in perpetuity.

And automation is everywhere.

Social media automation tools like Later and TweetHunter help me pre-schedule posts so I don’t have to worry about posting every day, which provides for maximum reach and impact while helping me remain consistent.

Separate time from income by pre-planning and pre-scheduling content.

I will spend 2-3 days creating an entire month’s worth of content for my various social media platforms across multiple niches, and then pre-schedule it all out so I don’t have to worry about it for several weeks.

Email automation tools like Kartra enable me to segment my subscribers, personalize my content, send targeted messages based on subscriber behavior, and build relationships with my audience.

In the same way I create social media content in advance, the same is true for emails.

I will spend a few weeks putting together helpful email content, and then pre-schedule it out to be released over time.

I point this all out not to brag, but because I am committed to helping you create passive income streams through authentic creativity, self-empowerment, and smart business practices.

That’s why I want to show you (and teach you) everything that happens behind the curtain…

So you understand exactly what’s going on, and how you can do the same thing for yourself.

This is in part what I teach in The Freedom Codex course, which is my self-paced online video course that teaches how to build passive income niche websites (which you can learn more about by clicking here).

You can also see my full list of online tools I’m currently using to create and automate all of my content for my various online and social media platforms here.


Small consistent actions lead to big changes.

The compound effect is real.

Progress, not perfection.

If you want financial freedom, it starts with the endless positivity cycle.

Empower yourself.

Warm Regards,

Zyler Kade
Apex Haus


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